Transcend 9.6.3 Update | ProSolutions Salon Software


ProSolutions is excited to present the following features included in our newest version of Transcend:

**PLEASE NOTE** Transcend Online customers automatically have these features and fixes. For installed customers, this update contains new features that require new Windows files. Please close and reopen Transcend to be prompted to download the update. After the update has completed downloading, RIGHT CLICK the Transcend icon and choose the option “Run as Administrator” to ensure you will be able to use the new features.

  • New preference for no tip line on receipt
  • All new membership program features (aka the Massage Envy update)
  • Updated email features for DARCI marketing campaigns
  • New unsubscribe link for DARCI marketing campaigns
  • New custom image upload on blast campaigns
  • New operator image upload for your appointment book
  • New color selections for all screens
  • New EMV processing
  • New web and social analytics features
  • New ‘Web Openings’ interface
  • Series of hot fixes

For more information on new features, please register for our training classes by clicking HERE.