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3 Tips to Attract Clients This Holiday Season

By Matt Wiggins

We all know that indulging in spa and salon services is an excellent way to reduce stress—and with the holiday season approaching, stress levels are escalating. Taking time for relaxing activities benefits our clients and their families, while giving us the opportunity to do our best work.

Here are some simple tips for encouraging your clients to take time for themselves this holiday season:

-Create a “Giving Coupon” which allows your client to choose whether they would like to save 5% off of their service or donate their discount to help feed a family in need this holiday.  What a great way to give and receive at this time of thanks!

-Black Friday is one of the most stressful shopping days of the year. Let your clients unwind by offering a 5% discount on massage and spa services when they bring in their Black Friday shopping receipts.  Your client’s stressful shopping day receipts just became their ticket for a discounted stress-free service!

-Send out a holiday email that includes a coupon your customers can use towards services over the Thanksgiving and/or Christmas weekends.  If you use Prosolutions Software for salons and spas, our system makes it easy to create beautiful and personalized e-blasts.


About the Author

Matt is VP of Sales and co-owner of ProSolutions Software. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, marketing and advertising.

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