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Daily Automated Reminders and Client Information

-APPOINTMENT REMINDERS & CONFIRMATIONS.  DARCI can send automatic appointment reminders via email and/or text message up to four times in advance of a client’s appointment. That means you can send a reminder to everyone that has an appointment today, tomorrow, 3 days from today, or even a week from today! DARCI also allows clients to confirm their appointments via text and/or email, which will show in your appointment book as confirmed with a date and time stamp. And of course, DARCI will email you a notification that the reminders have gone out so that you never have to check on her.


AUTOMATED MARKETING CAMPAIGNS.  Wish you had time to send out holiday greetings and exclusive offers to your clients? How about happy birthday wishes with special discounts? Let DARCI do it! DARCI sends out personalized text and/or email messages to each client that has an upcoming birthday or anniversary and for all major holidays, with image uploading for unique email campaigns. Just like appointment reminders, DARCI can send out the campaigns up to four times in advance of a special event or holiday, and can also run multiple campaigns simultaneously.


-CUSTOMER RELATIONS.  From personalized text messages and emails to your clients thanking them for their patronage, to simply telling your clients “we miss you” when they haven’t been back in a while, DARCI can stay on top of your clientele. Imagine the impact DARCI can have on your retention numbers when she sends a personalized message to everyone that hasn’t been in for a month, 3 months, or even a year!


-SERVICE & PRODUCT CYCLE REMINDERS.  DARCI can remind clients to book an appointment when they’re due for a touch up and also offer a buy-again feature when the products they’ve purchased are running low, boosting service and retail sales.


-BUSINESS MANAGEMENT.  Instant data and theft prevention are important to your business, like knowing when your shop hit $5,000 in sales or when an employee voids a cash transaction.  With DARCI, you can monitor your business with real-time notifications when you reach a goal or when suspicious activities take place. You can also ask DARCI for reports at any time on all that she does! The best part, DARCI only needs an internet connection to work, without any other third party software.

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Our Salon has been using Prosolutions Software for a few years and it’s everything we could ask for, it does it ALL!!! We went from scheduling appointments in a BOOK to having a couple work stations operating so smoothly and efficiently that our clients even noticed a big diffrence. Updates are always being added and whenever I have a question I LOVE the live chat. Everyone that helps me is very quick to answer and able to resolve all of my questions immediately. I highly recommend this software and excellent customer service 100%.
Paula CharlesOwnerStudio 93 Salon