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Money Talks (and Motivates!)



Motivate Your Staff With Transcend’s Fortune Teller!

Your employees may love your work environment and have a passion for the beauty or wellness industry, but they’ll be gone in a heartbeat if you don’t pay them well. No matter how great your salon or spa is, your employees will only be motivated to work hard for you if their compensation is fair and their needs are met.

So how do you meet your employee’s needs? You can cut them a check or increase their commission when they need some extra money, but that’s not good for your bottom line. Instead, try showing your employees how they can make the extra money they need by working smarter!


Transcend’s Fortune Teller can help!

Fortune Teller gives you seven major indicators of your employees’ income that you can view and modify right within the software, including:


  1. Number of Active Clients
  2. Active Client Retention
  3. New Customers Per Month
  4. New Client Retention
  5. Client’s Frequency of Visits
  6. Average Ticket (services)
  7. Average Ticket (retail)


By making subtle changes to any of these seven indicators, you can see what the real, tangible benefit will be before asking your employee to invest the time and effort into increasing these numbers. Better yet, Fortune Teller can even suggest target numbers!


motivation2For Example, let’s say your employee “Jane” needs car insurance so she requests a raise. When you pull up the Fortune Teller under Jane’s name, it shows her current trends including what she will make monthly and yearly if those trends hold true. Perhaps you will discover that her needs will be met by a current growth pattern, or perhaps a small adjustment to any of the seven income indicators shows she can make the additional income she needs with ease.

Maybe Jane’s Active Client Retention is slightly below her co-worker’s average. Raising her retention to the salon’s average will result in the raise she wants.  Jane can then focus on getting her clients to come in more often to make the extra money she needs.  Maybe Jane just needs to hit the Fortune Teller’s suggested retail ticket target to earn extra money.  Jane will now focus on “prescribing” more retail products to her clients to boost those retail sales numbers.


Whatever the adjustment is, the Fortune Teller will allow you and Jane to see what the benefits will be before anybody wastes any time, effort, or money, trying to achieve these new goals. Sometimes, something as simple as getting clients to come in every 8 weeks instead of every 2 months (an increase of about a half visit a year) is all you need.

Fortune Teller will give your employees the motivation to work harder (and smarter!), while also protecting your bottom line.  Learn more about the Fortune Teller by calling 800-710-3879 or schedule a demonstration by clicking HERE!


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Matt is VP of Sales at ProSolutions Software. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners. Topics include branding, management, marketing and advertising.

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