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Say yes to mobile payments.

apple-pay-logo2More and more customers are coming to the register with their phones, not their wallets.  Vantiv’s point-of-sale terminal solutions are designed to safely accept all types of payments, including ApplePay.  Now you can give your customers what they want all while reducing your liability risk.

With mobile payments, you can grow your business by making it easier for consumers to discover you and with our improved customer check-out experience, you’ll provide a faster and more personalized way for customers to pay.  By accepting mobile payments, you’ll attract new customers, improve services and deliver a more secure payment option.


Protect yourself from liability.


Fraud should never be your fault.  With our partner’s payment terminals, you can process in-store EMV chip card transactions that reduce fraud liability and maintain customer trust.  EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa and is a set of global standards for credit, debit and contactless card payments.  EMV chip cards help prevent in-store fraud and are nearly impossible to counterfeit.




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