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Twitter Tips and Tricks

Salon and Spa Marketing Part III: Twitter!

Engaging with customers on Twitter helps boost brand awareness and may result in higher sales. With Twitter tools steadily gaining traction in sales, marketing and prospecting for salons and spas of all sizes, it’s important to understand how to get the most value out of your tweets – and how to avoid social faux pas.


Listen & Learn.

Engaging with real-time tweets can influence conversations in a way that can help build your business. Start by seeing what your competitors are tweeting about or search for beauty industry keywords to gather market intelligence; It’s an easy way to begin forming your strategy. Look at how successful salons and spas in your area use Twitter to drive sales, connect with customers, and grow.


Be an Industry Leader.

Salon and spa owners can use Twitter’s platform to position themselves as industry experts. Try sharing information that may be interesting and useful to your customers, or writing original content about your salon or spa experiences and input on beauty current industry trends.


80-20Remember the 80/20 Rule!

If you only use Twitter to promote your business, you’re likely wasting your time. It’s all about relationship building: “Eighty percent of your content should be about things that your target audience is interested in or wants, likes or needs to know. Twenty percent should be about… promoting your products and services” says April Wilson of Digital Analytics 101.


Interact & Engage.

You need to stand out among the endless streams of content to gain attention. The best way to make an impression is to add value for others, “Respond when other people ask questions, retweet posts from people you want to develop relationships with and post content that’s going to be valuable. Once you have attention by adding value to others, you can activate the network – whether that’s having your question answered, having your content retweeted or your brand promoted by others” says Lisa Colton of See3 Communications


twit2Understand Retweeting and Favoriting.

Any content you retweet should be relevant to the audience you’re trying to connect with and in line with your brand, since retweets are public and can be perceived as endorsements. In addition to retweets, you can use Twitter’s “favorites” tool to help gain the attention of professionals with whom you want to connect. Stick to favoriting people or organizations that are viewed positively in your industry, steering clear of favoriting political or controversial tweets.






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Matt is VP of Sales and co-owner of ProSolutions Software. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, marketing and advertising.