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Social Media Analytics

Did you know that over 80% of adults in the U.S. access the internet almost daily and 74% of online adults use social media networking sites? That’s why website and social media analytics are important tools to help you expand your online reach, improve retention, and ultimately increase your revenue.

With so many new online services popping up every day, it’s becoming harder and harder to monitor all your scattered business data. The bigger your web presence is, the more data you have to collect and analyze. Not to mention the countless hours you have to spend on creating reports every month.

ProSolutions offers all-in-one dashboards to help our clients monitor and analyze data across all of their online accounts like Google, Facebook, Twitter and more, built right into your software for you to check at any time. With built-in, real-time analytics, you can craft an online marketing strategy that’s custom tailored to your business and your clients with confidence. It’s just another way we help you thrive!

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