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Salon and Spa Marketing Part IV: Compelling Content!

Our last two blog posts stressed the importance of compelling content for your salon or spa’s social media accounts, but what exactly do we mean by “compelling content”? Let’s dig deeper. Today’s social media strategies are less focused on accumulating likes and followers and more about engaging customers in a meaningful way in order to strengthen brand loyalty.  That means content needs to connect with your clients and inspire them to talk about it, share it, or participate in it.


Types of Posts

Simply posting updates and photos is not necessarily compelling content. You need to “read” your customers to discover what they find interesting and what may draw them to one page over another. By having a page that is constantly featuring something new like newsletters, what’s new in your salon/spa, industry trends or inspiring quotes, you can begin to create an online presence that draws people to your page and keeps them coming back. Sharing links to other pages that have interesting or useful information is also a potentially easy way to fill content. The key is balance.


content2Be Yourself

Remember, content must be both authentic and inoffensive. Authentic means you are using your voice, letting your followers know more about you and your business in a consistent tone and style. A constantly changing message or theme that seems to have no authentic base can be a turn off. Also, no matter what your feelings are on the current political climate, remember that almost half the country will probably disagree with you. Keep things like politics off of your business’s page.


Post Regularly

Be sure that you are regularly posting content, a page that hasn’t been updated will be visited less frequently until the page is eventually dead space. Be consistent in the timing of your content as well. For example, if you only update your page once a week, make it the same day each week. This can give your followers something to look forward to if you routinely post items of interest to them.



Learn From Your Posts

Also, don’t forget to use analytics to see what content worked for you and which did not. This will allow you to focus your content on the posts that get you the most feedback, likes, new followers, etc. The content that your followers want to “share” is the best way to keep your customers engaged and ultimately reach new followers!


In the end, content keeps current followers coming back, and helps develop new followers. Followers often turn into customers that don’t just visit your page, but visit your business as well!




About the Author

Matt is VP of Sales and co-owner of ProSolutions Software. With over 20 years experience in the beauty industry, Matt teaches classes to salon and spa owners on business topics including branding, marketing and advertising.